$10.00 / month

Please note – This product is in beta, while in tests it is stable and working well, there may be updates, changes, and possibly unforeseen bugs. Rest assured that should any come to our attention, they will be taken care of as quickly as possible!

Reduce Asset Piracy
Self-service asset verification
Multi asset verification
Multi publisher account
Self-hosted (Can even be hosted on home server / desktop PC)
Hosting can be provided if need be.

MySQL, MS SQL (AzureDB) integration

WordPress integration – When customers verify their asset purchase they can not only have the appropriate Discord permission applied to them, but it can also apply custom permissions to your WordPress site, giving additional secure access to areas of your website.


  • Eliminate the need to manually verify customer asset invoices. Allows asset developers to have private/locked channels in their Discord server in which only verified customers have access.
  • By only providing support within channels that require verification of ownership you will be helping to reduce the risk and effects of piracy of your asset. No proof of purchase, no support.
  • As an additional benefit to your customers, you can safely offer secure links to critical updates of your asset without having to wait for Asset Store approval while maintaining peace of mind, as only verified purchasers will be able to view/download the content.
  • Verification is a quick and easy process for the customer and relieves the burden of having to manually verify past or future customers. They simply submit their invoice number, the invoice is verified, the customers’ Discord account is then granted permission to the appropriate channel(s).
  • It features multi-asset verification and individual permission per asset which allows you to only give access to channels specific to each asset. Though, this is optional.
  • Verification of a single asset can grant permission to all channels if you wish. If your assets are split between more than one publisher account, that is not a problem.

Ex. 1 If you have one asset:

  • Verification could unlock access to a support, downloads, and feature-suggestion channel

Ex. 2 If you have three assets:

  •   Verification of asset 1. could unlock access to an asset1-support(specific to asset 1), Asset1-downloads(specific to asset 1), and a general feature-suggestion channel.
  •   Verification of asset 2. could then also unlock access to asset2-support and asset2-downloads while maintaining access to the general feature-suggestion channel.
  •   Verification of asset 3. could then unlock access to asset3-support, asset3-downloads, asset3-beta, and an asset3-beta-news channel.

Once an invoice number is verified and claimed it is then tied to the users account and saved to your choice of database. This eliminates the risk of an invoice number sharing between multiple people/accounts.
Database lookup tools are provided (currently invoice and username) and are able to be accessed directly through Discord, no need to log onto the server to go searching for information.

Additional features and tools will be added. Suggestions are always welcome!

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