Platform: Houdini
Category: Tools

Greatly increase productivity
Optimized for responsiveness
Search for any menu item or action
Fuzzy, abbreviated, partial search
Show actions for any context
Execute any menu item regardless of if it has a hotkey assigned or not


Coming soon!

Searcher brings the “Search Everything” functionality found in many modern Content Creation suites and IDE’s such as JetBrains ‘Shift+Shift’ search (PyCharm, Rider, Webstorm, etc), Blender, Maya, and many others.

Allowing you to quickly locate and execute any menu item or hotkeyable action without the need to assign, memorize, or manage hotkeys.

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Quickly find and open items without hotkeys assigned as if they did
Quickly locate and execute any menu item, command, or action
List all available commands for a panel on mouse-over