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Reduce Asset Piracy
Self-service asset verification
Multi asset verification
Multi publisher account
Self-hosted (Can even be hosted on home server/PC)
Hosting can be provided for a small additional fee

  • Eliminate the need to manually verify customer asset invoices. Allows asset developers to have private/locked channels in their Discord server in which only verified customers have access.
  • By only providing support within channels that require verification of ownership you will be helping to reduce the risk and effects of piracy of your asset. No proof of purchase, no support.
  • As an additional benefit to your customers, you can safely offer secure links to critical updates of your asset without having to wait for asset store approval while maintaining peace of mind, as only verified purchasers will be able to view / download the content.

  • Verification is a quick and easy process for the customer and relieves the burdon of having to manually verify past or future customers. They simply submit their invoice number, the invoice is verified, the customers Discord account is then granted permission to the appropriate channel(s).

  • It features multi asset verification and invidivual permission per asset which allows you to only give access to channels specific to each asset. Though, this is optional.
  • Verification of a single asset can grant permission to all channels if you wish. If your assets are split between more than one publisher account, that is not a problem.

Ex.1 If you have one asset:
* Verification could unlock access to a support, downloads, and feature-suggestion channel

Ex. 2 If you have three assets:
* Verification of asset 1. could unlock access to a Asset1-support(specific to asset 1), Asset1-downloads(specific to asset 1), and a general feature-suggestion channel.
* Verification of asset 2. could then also unlock access to Asset2-support and Asset2-downloads while maintaining access to the general feature-suggestion channel.
* Verification of asset 3. could then unlock access to Asset3-support, Asset3-downloads, Asset3-beta, and a Asset3-beta-news channels.

Once an invoice number is verified and claimed it is then tied to the users account by means of a secure local database. This eliminates the risk of an invoice number sharing between multiple people/accounts.

Database lookup tools are provided (currently invoice and username) and are able to be accessed directly through Discord, no need to log onto the server to go searching for information.

Additional features and tools will be added. Suggestions are always welcome!

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Installation #

Prerequisites #


Requirements: Depending on your host operating system as well as what features you plan to use while determine what additional items are requires.

If using MS SQL Server (Azure SQL) – You will need the SQL Server ODBC Driver installed on the machine Verifier will be running.

Download MS SQL ODBC Driver 17

If using WordPress – You will need the following plugins, also depending on the features you plan to use.

  • WP Oauth Server – Used to create and maintain the Oauth2 secure connection between Verifier and your WordPress site.
  • User Role Editor – Used to easily create additional user permission roles in WordPress to allow much finer control of what the role has access to.
  • PHP Code Snippets – This allows you to run the small bit of PHP required to retrieve back the users email address (REST API cannot directly access a few pieces of user meta data). It allows you to just copy and paste the code into your admin panel. Alternatively you can paste the code into your themes functions.php file.

(Only needed if you have trouble connecting)

  • Advanced Access Manager – If you find you are unable to communicate with your WordPress site once everything is configured, you may need this to make sure the REST API is enabled.
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Commands #


All commands begin with !cmd followed by one of the commands below. (Without a space.)

ex. !cmdverify

verify -        The first step in the validation process (suggested that this is the only command you advertise to users)
                Calling 'verify' prompts the bot to PM the user with instructions on how to proceed 

validate -      (For security purposes, this command should only be used in a private message with the Discord Assistant bot.)
                This is the call that actually performs the validation process, it takes in 2 arguments. 
                The first is the shortcode for the asset being verified. The second is the invoice number.
                                ex. !cmdvalidate UFPS 1234567890

searchinvoice - This is an admin/moderator command that takes in 1 argument, the invoice number you would like to look up.
                If the invoice number exists in the local database it will return the username in which it is assigned

searchuser -    This is an admin/moderator command that takes in 1 argument, the username you would like to look up.
                If the user exists in the local database it will return a listing of the assets/invoice numbers assigned to the user.

deleteinvoice - Allows you to delete an individual invoice number from a users account. 

load -          Discord Assistant was built in a modular fashion and is extensible. Additional modules may be released 
                if there are requests for additional functionality. Modules can be added at runtime using '!cmdload modulename'
                to hot-load a new module directly from Discord

reload -        Primarily for development purposes allowing for quick iteration of testing changes by hot-reloading a module
                If you are making your own module for Discord Assistant you can use !cmdreload modulename directly in Discord
                to test changes without having to restart the bot

purge_all -     Primarily used for development purposes. 'purge_all' will delete all messages in the current channel within the last 12 days

dbwipe -        Primarily used for development purposes and should not be used in production. 
                'dbwipe' will completely wipe out all information in the local database
config in main - 
config in validate - Guild id, roles, if you are using a date compare, date of comparison
config in actions - None currently
verify_text - Welcome text from bot when starting verification
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